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Chapter 1 : Do broni !

The true story of a Polish cavalry officer during WWII

On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland. Polish cavalry lieutenant Kazimierz Duda was second in command of a reconnaissance platoon on horseback. On a mission in southern Poland, the peloton is witnessing the arrival of German and Slovak troops. Constant bombings, massacre of civilians, the Polish armies resist with all their forces against the invaders. Following the death of his captain, Kazimierz takes command of his unit and continues the fight.
The unwavering courage of Polish soldiers slowed down the progress of the enemy forces, but on September 17 the Soviet army attacked Poland in turn.

Context :
This graphic novel tells the true story of a Polish cavalry officer throughout the Second World War. This officer was my grandfather. Although defeated in September 1939, what remains of the Polish army will take refuge in Hungary and Romania before crossing fascist Europe to fight alongside the French in May 1940 under the command of General Sikorski. It will then be sent to Scotland for coastal defense where it will become the 1st Polish Armored Division under the command of General Maczek. This armored division will participate in the invasion of France in summer 1944 and will end the Battle of Normandy in Montormel. It will liberate many cities in northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands to end the war in Wilhemshafen in Germany. Betrayed by the Allies who abandoned Poland to Soviet domination, the brave Polish soldiers will not be able to return home. This first chapter tells the beginning of the Second World War in Poland, from September 1 to 21, 1939.

Graphic novel
French version (English or Polish text available par email)

116 pages
ISBN : 979-10-93255-16-3
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Web site of captain Kazimierz Duda
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Steven Duda

Steven DUDA, was born in June 1967 in Metz. His Polish and Scottish origins are reflected in both his personality and his work, and have certainly influenced his taste for history and for stories that are jostling in his mind from childhood. The pencil then becomes the essential instrument for telling them in drawings. As a teenager, he discovered a new visual creation tool: the computer. As a visual artist everything is a way to create, to tell, to set in motion! After a few years at the Beaux-Arts, he puts his skills to the service of his artistic projects and his clients: scenic decorator, director of short films, developer of websites, 2D and 3D computer graphics, while continuing to tell stories. He likes to take his readers by the hand and take them into original worlds.

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